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Thermodynamic analysys of the Co-Al-C and Ni-Al-C systems by incorporating ab initio energetic calculations into the CALPHAD approach,
H.Ohtani, M.Yamano, M.Hasebe, CALPHAD, 28 (2004), 177-190.
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Al-Ni Phase Diagram



Thermodynamic Re-Assessment of the Ternary System Al-Cr-Ni,
N.Dupin, I.Ansara, B.Sundman : CALPHAD, 25 (2001), 279-298.
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Thermodynamic properties of the Ni-Al-Cr system,
W.Huang, Y.A.Chang : Intermetallics, 7 (1999), 863-874.
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Thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Ni system,
I.Ansara, N.Dupin, H.L.Lukas, B.Sundman : J.Alloys and Compounds, 247 (1997), 20-30.
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Al-Ni Phase Diagram

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