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Thermodynamic optimization of the B-Fe system,
T.Van Rompey, K.C.Hari Kumar, P.Wollants, J.Alloys and Compounds, 334 (2002) 173-181.
(two models are used for fcc and bcc phases, substitutional and interstitial)
Database for FactSage ( BFE1:interstitial, BFE2:substitutional )

B-Fe Phase Diagram



Thermodynamic analysis of glass formation in Fe-B system,
M.Palumbo, G.Cacciamani, E.Bosco and M.Baricco, CALPHAD, 25 (2001) 625-637.
Database for FactSage (registration required)

B-Fe Phase Diagram
B-Fe Phase Diagram



Thermodynamic assessment of the Fe-Nd-B phase diagram,
B.Hallemans, P.Wollants, J.R.Roos, J.Phase Equilib., 16 (1995) 137-149.
Database for FactSage (registration required)

B-Fe Phase Diagram

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