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The Fe-Ni system:Thermodynamic modeling assisted by atomistic caluculations,
G.Cacciamani, A.Dinsdale, M.Palumbo, A.Pasturel, Intermetallics 18 (2010) 1148-1162.
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Fe-Ni Phase Diagram



Magnetic phase diagram of the Fe-Ni system,
W.Xiong, H.Zhang, L.Viros, M.Selleby, Acta Materialia 59 (2011) 521-530.



Thermodynamic modeling and optimization of the Fe-Ni-Ti system,
J.D. Keyzer, G.Cacciamani, N.Dupin, P.Wollants, CALPHAD 33 (2009) 109-123.



Thermodynamic Assessment of the Cu-Fe-Ni System,
C.Servant,B.Sundman,O.Lyon, CALPHAD, 25 (2001) 79-95.



Revision of thermodynamic descriptions of the Fe-Cr and Fe-Ni liquid phases,
B.J.Lee, CALPHAD 17 (1993) 251-268.
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Fe-Ni Phase Diagram

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