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Thermodynamic investigation of the galvanizing systems, I:Refinement of the thermodynamic description for the Fe-Zn system,
W.Xiong, Y.Kong, Y.Du, Z.K.Liu, M.Selleby, W.H.Sun, CALPHAD, 33 (2009) 433-440.
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Fe-Zn Phase Diagram



Thermodynamic evaluation of the Fe-Zn system,
X.Su, N.Y.Tang, J.M.Toguri, J.Alloys Compd., 325 (2001) 129-136.



Thermodynamic Assessment of the Fe-Zn System,
G.Reumont, P.Perrot, J.M.Fiorani, J.Hertz, J.Phase Equilib., 21 (2000) 371-378.

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